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The turkey is always a must, but the side dishes and desserts can vary. Vegetables, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie...why not switch things up? Jungle Jim's International Market is known for being unconventional and their recipes are no different. To help you plan your menu, I've selected a few fun and different (but still delicious) Jungle Jim's recipes that you can try to change up your typical Thanksgiving meal. This day is all about tradition and everyone has their favorite, so these nine recipes have the comforting familiarity of traditional Thanksgiving day foods...but with the expected Jungle Jim's twist!


Spiced Nuts - These are great for snacking on before the meal, after...or all day! The dish is simple and versatile enough whether you're the host, or if you're packing it up to travel with you. Check out the recipe here

Spiced nuts

Beer Cheese Dip - Who doesn't love some Wisconsin cheddar? This dip makes a great snack before the big meal. It's practical and easy to share. Grab some crackers, bagels, fruit or pretzels and this dip will be a hit. Check out the recipe here

Beer cheese dip

Fruit Salad - Try this easy recipe for your not so typical fruit salad. Choose any combination of fruits for this dish, and then mix in this signature Jungle Jim's spiced syrup for an extra burst of holiday flavor. Check out the recipe here!

Fruit salad

Side Dishes

Curried Sweet Potatoes - A healthier and spicier take on the average sweet potato casserole that will be sure to create a buzz. In this recipe you'll be roasting the sweet potatoes and stirring them in curry powder, so you can control the spice depending on which curry you buy. Check out the recipe here

Curried sweet potatoes

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus - Don't worry, this dish won't outshine your turkey...but it might be a close second. The combination of the earthy asparagus and salty prosciutto is the best mouthwatering combo. Check out the recipe here

Prosciutto wrapped asparagus

Oyster Stuffing - Now this one might sound strange or a little out of your comfort zone, which is all the more reason to give it a try! The taste and texture of the oysters add a savory touch to your usual stuffing, resulting an intricate (and impressive) side dish. Check out the recipe here

Oyster stuffing


Pumpkin Cream Cheese Dip - All of your pumpkin pie lovers will rave about this dessert. Cream cheese, brown sugar, pumpkin spice...what's not to like? Pair with some graham crackers, bagels, or fresh fruit for a crowd pleaser. Check out the recipe here

Pumpkin cream cheese dip

Pecan Sticky Buns - The ultimate dessert to pair with a cup of coffee after dinner, and perfect to save for breakfast the next morning! Try out this recipe to replace pecan pie, or if you're up for it, make both and see what your guests prefer. Check out the recipe here

Pecan sticky buns

Chocolate Raspberry Brownies - No one is ever too full for a brownie, especially when they're baked full of fruity, fudgey goodness. Brownies are an essential on the dessert table, but why not add a little flair? Check out the recipe here

Chocolate raspberry brownies

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