The Frost Factory, Liberty Center
Food & Drink

Top Recommendations at The Frost Factory

This build-your-own slushy bar has endless flavor options, unique combinations, and delicious duos. 

This full bar focuses on everyone's favorite frozen drink... slushies! The Frost Factory at Liberty Center offers build-your-own alcoholic slushies, craft cocktails, fishbowls, and delicious non-alcoholic slushies for kids too. The flavor options are endless— you can even pick two flavors to layer together and add the alcohol of your choice. With such a large variety of flavors it can be hard to choose! The good news is you can always ask your bartender for pairing suggestions— they know the most popular and creative combos. Need a little taste of what they can do? Check out these raving recommendations. 

1. Pink Startburst

If your favorite color Starburst is pink you're in luck! Pictured above is the Pink Startburst Cocktail made with vanilla vodka, watermelon pucker, and Frost Factories house made sweet and sour. Topping this drink off with pink sugar and a Starburst will give you a sweet treat of a drink to enjoy throughout the day! 

2. Cherry Cola