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This build-your-own slushy bar has endless flavor options, unique combinations, and delicious duos. 

The Frost Factory Flight

This full bar focuses on everyone's favorite frozen drink... slushies! The Frost Factory at Liberty Center offers build-your-own alcoholic slushies, craft cocktails, fishbowls, and delicious non-alcoholic slushies for kids too. The flavor options are endless— you can even pick two flavors to layer together and add the alcohol of your choice. With such a large variety of flavors it can be hard to choose! The good news is you can always ask your bartender for pairing suggestions— they know the most popular and creative combos. Need a little taste of what they can do? Check out these raving recommendations. 

1. Love Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Slushy

So much fluffy, vibrant goodness all in one photo! Pictured above is a Cotton Candy slushy with Vanilla Vodka and a Raspberry Vodka shooter. This super sweet option is not only delicious and sure to satisfy any sweet tooth— but it's also as Instagram-worthy as it gets.

2. Banana Meets Chocolatey Truffle

Frozen Chocolate Slushy Cocktail

An absolute must try if you're looking for the perfect sweet-and-fruity combo. Pictured above is a Banana slushy combined with Chocolate slushy, spiked with Vanilla Vodka, and topped off with a shooter of Kahlúa— yum! Chocolate paired with almost any fruity flavor is always a safe bet for a delish combination. 

3. Get Your Mule On

Fruity Slushy Cocktail

The classic Moscow Mule with a major tasty twist. Pictured above is the Cran Apple Mule slushy with the addition of an Ole Smokey Peach whiskey shooter. This is a great option for an ideal Winter-time cocktail— The Frost Factory rotates flavors based on the season, so there is always something new and refreshing. 

4. An Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

The Frost Factory Coffee Cocktail

Oh yes— there is much more than just frozen options! Pictured above is a Pumpkin Spice White Russian if you're in need of something warm. Try their other popular hot menu items like the Spiked Hazelnut Espresso, the Campfire S’mores, or ask the staff what's new on the menu during your visit. 

It's time to get frosty!

Photo Credits to The Frost Factory

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