Outdoor Activity Guide

Summer is almost here, and the weather is starting to look nicer and nicer... so that means it's the perfect time to get outdoors. Whether you're looking for a little adventure, scenic beauty, or just to get active, Butler County has you covered in every aspect of getting out and about. 

Here's our guide to 12 of the BEST ways to spend your time in the great outdoors. 


The Faces of Butler County

The Faces of Tourism in Butler County

In honor of National Travel & Tourism week, we wanted to highlight some employees and team photos of local businesses. These people are the Faces of Tourism in Butler County. Their positivity, welcoming smiles and hospitality are what makes Butler County, Ohio such a special place to visit. 


Top Mother's Day Gifts For Any Kind of Mom

Happy early Mother's Day to ALL of the incredible Moms out there! 

With Mother's Day coming up, you might be struggling on what to get her... how do you give a gift that accurately tells your mom that she's the best, and how you appreciate her more than anything? While the perfect gift is always the time you can spend with her, Butler County's local businesses are still here to help out with a little something extra. No matter what your mom likes, we have something she'll love — there's a little something for any kind of Mom. 


Make IKEA's Famous Meatballs at Home

Who doesn't love a good meatball recipe? Especially, IKEA's Famous Swedish Meatballs. 

If you've ever made your way through Ikea's maze of goods, you know it's an easy way to work up an appetite. Ikea knows this too, which is why no trip is complete without a stop at their cafeteria. (And if you've never been before, we recommend planning a future trip to IKEA West Chester!) 

DIY Virtual Activities & Tutorials

Looking for some things to do to keep you or your kids busy during quarantine? Butler County's local businesses have you covered with virtual lessons, how-to's, take home DIY kits, crafts, and downloadable activities. Whether you're looking to learn something, get crafty, keep the kids busy, or get active, below are some great ways to stay entertained. Check out the virtual DIY activities and tutorials you can get creative with! 

8 Movies Filmed in Butler County

Looking for the perfect film for your movie night at home? Why not one that was filmed right here in Butler County? There have been over a dozen movies that were filmed right here in our county. The next time you're looking for something fun to watch, check out of these eight movies that are available online to rent. Grab a cozy blanket, make some popcorn, and keep an eye out for the scenes filmed right here in the BC.