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52 Weekends

52 weekends in a year presents us with 52 opportunities to pursue the passions that bring us joy, dive into new experiences and places, and make memories with the people that overflow us with happiness. Travel to Butler County to make the most of your cherished 52 weekends. Nourish and expand your interests, check off your bucket list items, and live out the stories that you’ll be telling for years to come in a matter of a few short days. Our cities and neighborhoods possess all kinds of hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered by you.

1. Hello Shop 'Til You Drop 27. Hello Halloween
2. Hello Mother’s Day 28. Hello Tea Time
3. Hello Sweet Tooth 29. Hello Foodie Adventure
4. Hello Movie Lovers 30. Hello Artisans
5. Hello Wine Night 31. Hello Antique Finders
6. Hello Crafters & Painters 32. Hello Winter Wonderland
7. Hello Father’s Day 33. Hello Sports Fanatics
8. Hello Brunch 34. Hello Date Night
9. Hello History Finders 35. Hello Holiday Season
10. Hello 4th of July 36. Hello Water Sports
11. Hello Up, Up, & Away 37. Hello Unplugged
12. Hello Craft Beer Lovers 38. Hello Homemade

13. Hello Coffee Enthusiasts

39. Hello BBQ
14. Hello Golfers 40. Hello Family Fun
15. Hello Ladies Weekend Getaway 41. Hello Skaters
16. Hello International Flavors 42. Hello Valentine's Day
17. Hello Free Fun 43. Hello Farmers Markets
18. Hello Upcycle 44. Hello Root Beer
19. Hello Soft Serve 45. Hello Arts & Theater
20. Hello Sweet Summer 46. Hello Donut Trail
21. Hello Explorers 47. Hello Live Music
22. Hello Fall 48. Hello Signs of Spring
23. Hello Dog Days 49. Hello Challengers
24. Hello Thrill Seekers 50. Hello Opt Outside
25. Hello Haunted 51. Hello Shop Local
26. Hello Pizza Fans 52. Hello Photography


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